Harmony With Nature

Founded in 2009 on the initiative of Bolivia, the UN programme Harmony with Nature challenge the typical economic understanding of nature that tends to dominate global and national governance.

Blaveis Copyright: Eilif Swensen

Harmony with Nature recognise an intrinsic value of nature beyond human utility, and argue that such values should guide our actions accordingly. On April 22nd, 2009, the International Mother Earth Day was proclaimed by the General Assembly. On this day actors participate in an Interactive Dialogue to discuss how to integrate an holistic approach to sustainable development.

Harmony with Nature plays an important role in putting ecological values on the agenda. A law against ecocide would strengthen Harmony with Nature in its work to put ecological values on the agenda of international governance, a great step towards a sustainable future. The Harmony with Nature website also include a comprehensive overview of environmental law in national constitutions around the world as a way of portraying: “the evolution of environmental consciousness worldwide“.

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